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2RC6 - Steel Rail Carriers

2RC6 - Steel Rail Carriers
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The Rail Carriers 2RC6-50, 2RC6-25 may be quickly lifted and set again on a rail. Slide the carrier to any point on the rail and secure it with the fixing screw. The carriers have patterns of M6 and 6.4mm mounting holes used to fasten other units. 2RC6-50H has a 18mm clear aperture. An article Mini Optical Rail System 10ORS6 gives examples of use of the carriers. Precision Carriers 2RC6 come in two widths: 25mm and 50mm. Carrier 2RC6-25 may be used as a reference for repeated positioning. Units, such as 2RC6-50H, 7T8-01, may be reinserted exactly into the same position next to the reference carrier. Rail Carriers are made of black finished hardened steel.


ModelWeight, kg
2RC6-25 0.08
2RC6-50 0.16

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