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8CMA06 - Motorized Actuator

8CMA06 - Motorized Actuator
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Actuator Travel
8CMA06-13/10 10mm
8CMA06-13/15 13mm
8CMA06-25/15 25mm
Actuator Resolution 1.25 um
Lead screw pitch 0.25mm
Max.Speed 6mm/s
Nominal force 30N
Motorized Actuator weight
8CMA06-13/10 0.12kg
8CMA06-13/15 0.12kg
8CMA06-25/15 0.15kg
Motor connector HDB15(M)
Stepper Motor ST2018S0604
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
Motorized actuators main advantages:

- Resolution 0.156µm (1/8 step)

- Manual drive with knob

- Two limit switches
varna Compact
varna High Sensitivity
varna Optional power supplies for higher voltages/speeds are available

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