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2SR32 - Silent Rods

2SR32 - Silent Rods
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Silent rods have a sturdiness suitable for the majority of general laboratory applications. Each rod has M6 tapped holes on, and a groove around both ends. So, for mounting to tables, you may use adapters 3A6, and clamps like 3TC5 and 3EXC45. The Rods are compatible with a broad range of components. Inherent great stiffness and strength allow the steel rods to support large loads with great stability. A Silent Rod is produced from stainless steel tube filled with vibration damping plastic. Even without external damping elements applied, the rods still have high resonant frequency and low vibration amplitudes. Steel has half the thermal expansion factor of aluminium and a higher heat capacity, so thermal stability of the rods is much better than that of aluminium ones.
varna Antivibration filling
varna Solid (32 mm) stainless steel rod
varna Hard-chromed matt surface
varna M6 tapped holes on both ends
varna Exceptional stability
varna Precision, heavy-duty design


ModelL, mmWeight, kg
2SR32-10 100 0.26
2SR32-20 200 0.54

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