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8DCMC3 - DC Motor Controller Card

8DCMC3 - DC Motor Controller Card
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Complete, self-contained, stand-alone servo controller Controls one DC motor, with incremental encoder position feed-back Simultaneous control of position, velocity and torque Output protected against shorted load and over temperature On-board trapezoidal trajectory generator with asymptotic homing mode Programmable PID filter gain characteristics. > 2 KHz update rate. High speed multi-drop RS-232 communications for coordinated control of up to 16 axes Low power: Less than one Watt internal dissipation On board command interpreter with over 50 commands, including fully-integrated support for the general purpose analog and digital I/O lines 32-bit precision for position, velocity, and acceleration registers Programmable limits for allowable error Programmable position break points Stored program operation Dual limit switch and reference switch support Eight analog inputs, 0-5V, 8 bit resolution One analog output, 0-5V, 8 bit resolution, 2 mA Eighteen general purpose I/O signals (includes nine analog I/O)
varna Single-axis dc motor controller card Program field-patch capability
varna Operates from a single 9-36V power supply A< 100 mA (logic supply), plus the motor current, which is zero at rest
varna Motor drive is 3 A, maximum
varna On-board slew switch for manual control of motor position
varna Optical interrupt of supported for reference position input
varna May be a program interrupt


8DCMC3 Controller Card
8DCMC3-B1-1 1 axis Controller (one 8DCMC3)
8DCMC3-B1-2 2 axis Controller (two 8DCMC3)
8DCMC3-B1-3 3 axis Controller (three 8DCMC3)
8DCMC3-B1-4 4 axis Controller (four 8DCMC3)
8DCMC3-BC1 Controller Card with a set of components for adding additional axis to Controller 8DCMC3-B1
9-WAY F-MCable to Computer

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