piShaper 37_34_1064 High efficient laser beam shaper for High Power laser sources

piShaper 37_34_1064 High efficient laser beam shaper for High Power laser sources

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Type Collimator, without internal focus
Input beam
- TEMoo or multimode with Gaussian or similar intensity profile
- Divergent
- Divergence 160 - 190 mrad (1/e^2)
- Input Diameter 30 - 37 mm (1/e^2)
Output beam
- Collimated
- Flat-top, uniformity within 5%
- Diameter 30 - 34 mm
- High edge steepness
Operating wavelength range 1020 - 1100 nm
Other features
- Compact design suitable for industrial applications of power up to 6 kW
- Water cooling
- Other wavelengths optional, for example 830, 980 nm, etc.
- Long working distance
- By focusing an extended depth of field provided
Overall dimensions
- Diameter 74 mm
- Length <350 mm
Weight < 3 kg
Laser Power up to 6kW (CW)
Mounting Drawings are supplied on request
Applications based on High power TEMoo or Multimode fiber-coupled Solid-State or Diode lasers, Fiber lasers
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  • Welding of metals and plastics
  • Laser annealing
  • Laser Hardening
  • Laser Cladding
  • Marking and Engraving
  • Display Making Technologies
  • Laser ablation

Basic principles of piShaper operation:

  1. piShaper transforms Gaussian or similar intensity distribution of source laser beam to a flattop one.
  2. TEMoo or multimode input beams are accepted.
  3. Galilean design, thus there are no intermediate focusing of a beam.
  4. Combining of 2 functions: beam shaping and collimation of a divergent beam from a fiber.
  5. Changing the input divergence (or beam size) leads to changing of the output beam profile.
  6. When changing the shape of input beam it is possible to adapt the piShaper to provide flattop output profile, this adaptation is realized through changing the diameter of source beam.
  7. Versions of the piShaper 37_34_1064 for other wavelengths are, also, available.

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