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Focal-piShaper 9_xxx Series High efficient laser beam shaping systems for focused beams

Focal-piShaper 9_xxx Series High efficient laser beam shaping systems for focused beams
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Common for all Focal-piShaper 9_xxx models:
Type Telescope of Galilean type ( without internal focus)
Input beam
- TEMoo, Collimated or low divergence
- Diameter <16 mm
- Optimum 2w diameter for a Gaussian beam 4...8 mm (1/e^2)
Output beam
- Collimated or low divergence
- Profile is optimized for Intensity distribution manipulation in focal plane of a diffraction limited lens
- Diameter <16 mm
Other features
- Easy integration to an optical setup and adaptation to a laser source
- Compact design suitable for scientific and industrial applications
- A diffraction limited focusing lens of any type can be applied with the F-piShaper
- Easy tolerances for alignment as well as positioning of the F-piShaper with respect to a focusing lens
- Capability to work with scanning mirrors
Overall dimensions
- Diameter 41 mm
- Length 110 mm
Mounting External Thread M 27x1
Weight 200 g
Price list
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An appropriate optical design provides simple adjustment procedure and lets it easy to integrate the Focal-piShaper in your applications:
  • Photovoltaics
  • Marking and Engraving
  • Drilling
  • Scribing
  • Dicing
  • Material micromachining
  • Printing
  •  Microwelding

Basic principles of Focal-piShaper (or F-piShaper) operation:

  1. F- piShaper is a telescopic optical systems that transforms Gaussian or similar Intensity distribution of TEMoo laser beam to a beam providing manipulation of intensity profile in area of Focus of the focusing lens.
  2. F- piShaper can be easily adapted (by turning one ring only!) to beams of various diameters, for the F- piShaper_9_xxx optimum 2w diameter range is 5.8 mm (1/e2).
  3. Low sensitivity to misaligments and beam size variation.
  4. The transformation is provided for a certain wavelength range.
  5. Optical design without internal focusing of a beam.
  6. Any focusing lens could be applied. The only condition is the lens to be diffraction limited one.
  7. There are no limitation on applying scanning mirror heads.

Focal-piShaper 9_xxx Series

Model Operating wavelength range, nmApplications based on
Focal-piShaper 9_1550 1450 - 1650 near IR-lasers
Focal-piShaper 9_1064 1020 - 1100 Nd:YAG, Fiber and other near IR-lasers
Focal-piShaper 9_TiS 750 - 850 Ti:Sapphire laser, near IR lasers
Focal-piShaper 9_532 520 - 550 2nd (532) Harmonics of Nd:YAG laser
Focal-piShaper 9_355 330 - 380 3rd (355) Harmonics of Nd:YAG laser
Focal-piShaper 9_266250 - 2804th (266) Harmonics of Nd:YAG laser

* - working wavelength range without taking into consideration on the coatings
** - according to coatings applied

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