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8MT200-100 - Motorized Stages

8MT200-100 - Motorized Stages
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varna Huge load
varna Easy use and combining


Travel range100 mm100 mm100 mm
Lead screw pitch0,5 mm0,5 mm0,5 mm
Resolution full step2.5 um--
Resolution 1/8 step0.31 um--
Encoder resolution-4000-
Resolution--0.028 um
Minimal incremental motion-0,125 um 0.2 um
Maximum speed10 mm/s25 mm/s13 mm/s
Maximum load
Horizontal 40 kg40 kg30 kg
Vertical6 kg6 kg5 kg
Cableordered separately2 m*ordered separately
Motor & connector4247 DB9(M)SM*DCE RE25 DB9(M)
Weight2.2 kg 2.5 kg2.2 kg
Recommended controller8SMC1-USBhF 8SMC3-RS232 8SMMC2Computer8DCMC1-USB
Mechanical end limit switches2, pushed is closed2, pushed is closed2, pushed is closed

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