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Beam Splitter Cube

Beam Splitter Cube
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Attenuation (Reflection) 0.6% to 10.7% (polarization and wavelenght dependent)
Spectral range
10BC68-1 350-2200 nm
10BC68-1-UV 190-2200 nm
Clear Aperture 19 mm
Damage Threshold 50 J/cm2
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Beam Splitter Cube 10BC68-1 provides fixed attenuation and beam sampling for performing diagnostics on high power laser sources. 10BC68-1 beam splitter cube is available for high power UV laser sources. Beam splitter uses the front surface reflection from an uncoated laser mirror to achieve a reflection of 3% to 10% of the main laser beam for further analysis. The surface is polished to 10-5 scratch-dig and 1/10 wave finish, wedged at 30 arcmin to avoid interference fringes, and can take power densities up to 2 GW/cm2. Similar to 10CWA168 attenuator, it has C-Mount ports and can be connected to 10CWA168 and to your camera through a 10AT168 adapter (connecting tube). Beam splitter cube has an M6 mounting hole to mount it on posts.
varna Free of multiple interference fringes
varna Virtually undistorted attenuation
varna No back reflection
varna Couples directly to Variable Attenuators

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