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8SMC3-RS232 - Stepper Motor Controllers Box / Card

8SMC3-RS232 - Stepper Motor Controllers Box / Card
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Electrical - Targeted for bipolar, two phase stepper motors with a current rating of 0.25A to 1.5 A. The current limit value is set by the manufacturer - Power supply voltage ranges from 12V to 36V and 1.5A to 3.6A - Synchronization Input and Output - Galvanic isolation of Synchronization Input and Output System Expansion -Available only for circuit card assembly (CCA) version Motion - Resolution: full step, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 - Speed: 2-5000 steps/s - Programmable speed and trip points - Programmable acceleration and deceleration ramps - Soft start/stop mode Control - Control via RS232 interface - 3 button 'front panel' control. For more information refer to 'Manual control of 8SMC3 - RS232 series' - Capable of connecting two programmable limit switches for every axis Programming - Serial communications command system for Windows, Linux and most other operating systems. Host is 'master' and controllers are addressable 'slaves'. Programming examples included -Drivers and dynamic link library for Windows host programming - Set of virtual instruments for National Instruments LabView Mechanical - RoHS compliant - Operating temperature range: 0 to 70 C - Box size for 1-axis controller : 90 x 140 x 70 mm (B1) - Box size for 2 and more axis controller : 180 x 185 x 90 mm (B2) Manual control on 8SMC3-RS232 series The 8SMC3-RS232-B1-1MC comes with a 3-button manual control panel. The three buttons are located on the top panel and are labeled 'Step Forward', 'Step Backward' and 'Enforce Rapid Movement'. Two LED indicators show direction of movement. The LED’s will also indicate when a limit switch has been tripped. This manual control option is often used for calibration and stepper motor control when a computer is not easily accessed. Ordering of 8SMC3-RS232 series circuit card assemblies (CCA) STANDA offers multiple configurations of the 8SMC3 - RS232 circuit card assemblies for flexibility in building custom systems. Note that the current limit values are set by the manufacturer before the controller leaves the factory, but are user adjustable. Multiple CCA controllers can be serially connected to a single RS232 COM port for multi-axis systems. Each board will also come with a heatsink for the motor driver IC.
varna Resolution: full step, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
varna Speed up to 5000step/s
varna Examples of control programs included
varna Set of virtual instruments for National Instruments LabView included
varna Designed for RS232 interface in PC
varna Possibility to connect 10 axis per RS232 host


8SMC3-RS232Controller Board (CCA)
8SMC3-RS232-B1-11 axis controller
8SMC3-RS232-B1-1MC1 axis with manual control option
8SMC3-RS232-B2-22 axis controller
8SMC3-RS232-B2-33 axis controller
8SMC3-RS232-B2-44 axis controller
Cable9(F)-15(M)Cable from Controller to Standa actuator - standart lenght is 1.5M, other lenghts by request
RS232CableCable to computer

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