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varna Extremely broadband
varna Wide acceptance angle
varna Compact and portable
varna Polyethylene polarizers for 20-1000 microns are also available!
varna Long life time

Performance table

MaterialSpectral range (um)Transmission efficiency, % (k1) ; (k2)Degree of polarisation, % (k1-k2) / (k1+k2)Extinction ratio (k1/2k2)Contrast ratio (k1/k2)Type
KRS-52-35 microns(k1>75%; k2<0,7%)@3um ; (k1>71%; k2<0,3%)@15um98,2%@3um ; 99,2%@15um54:[email protected] ; 118:[email protected]108:[email protected] ; 236:[email protected]Holographic
CaF21-10 microns(k1>85%; k2<0,7%)@3um ; (k1>80%; k2<0,24%)@8um98,4%@3um ; 99,4%@8um61:[email protected] ; 165:[email protected]122:[email protected] ; 330:[email protected]Holographic
BaF21-13 microns(k1>85%; k2<0,58%)@3um ; (k1>85%; k2<0,23%)@10um98,6%@3um ; 99,5%@10um73:[email protected] ; 185:[email protected]146:[email protected] ; 370:[email protected]Holographic
ZnSe1-16 microns(k1>70%; k2<0,6%)@3um ; (k1>72%; k2<0,22%)@10um98,3%@3um ; 99,4%@10um58:[email protected] ; 163:[email protected]116:[email protected] ; 326:[email protected]Holographic
CaF21-9 microns(k1>70%; k2<0,7%)@3um>98%@3um>50:[email protected]>100:[email protected]Mechanically ruled
ZnSe1,5-14 microns(k1>70%; k2<1,4%)@3um>97%@3um>25:[email protected]>50:[email protected]Mechanically ruled

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