Acal BFi


Acal BFi is a big chain of distributor companies operating in 11 countries throughout Europe, China and South Korea, offering products across twelve specialist technology areas.

Laserand. Inc.

USA, Canada

Laserand is supplier in North America of Altechna products, providing local support for industrial, scientific and medical customers.

Rosh Electroptics Ltd.


Rosh Electroptics was established in 1983 and is now the leading electro-optic distributor/representative companies in Israel.


L2K Co., Ltd.


L2K specialize in serving femto-second laser related components and application dedicated technology.



MJL Crystek, Inc has been a leading company in laser industry and research in 24 year, specializing in supply of laser, laser optics and laser processing solutions to their customers in industry, research and academic markets.

UniOTech Corp.


UniOTech is working with industrial, scientific and medical customers in Korea, providing fast and competitive solutions.


Veego Corporation


Veego is dedicated to provide laser beam delivery solutions, next generation fiber lasers and general light sources for system integrators and offer fast local supports for their customers in Taiwan.

Titan Electro-Optics Co., Ltd.

Taiwan, China

Titan Electro-Optics is electro-optic distributor/representative in Taiwan and China having more than 30 years experience in the field.

Unice E-O Services Inc.


Unice is a laser beam delivery optics and accessories supplier for system integrators as well as scientific customers in Taiwan.


AceXon Technologies PTE LTD


Acexon introduces state of the art products to industrial, commercial and academic markets, supply and service full range of systems to customers in Singapore.

Lastek Pty Ltd.

Australia, New Zealand

Lastek is the leading distributor in Australia and New Zealand for many of the world's most advanced laser and photonics companies.

Infrared Optics


INFRARED OPTICS was established in India in 1997 primarily to supply optical and laser components to research laboratories and industrial lasers.


OEC Specpostavka


There are over 3000 companies across Russia among our customers. The products we offer are of high standard reliability and truly occupy vanguard position in the high technology market. Great demands are made of the products and of the technical backing level by customers in such areas as Avionics, Telecom, Medicine, Oil and Gas Industries, Railway and Industrial.

Beijing Fingqi Technology


Fengqi is dedicated to provide state of the art products to China industrial and academic markets, specializing in optics & components, laser and laser systems.