Metrology - Optical Quality Inspection

Optical elements are widely used in various fields of application – from single elements in simple optical systems to very complex industrial systems, where every parameter of each element is critical to the overall reliability and performance of the system. Altechna cares about your success in experiments and final product performance; therefore, in cooperation with Vilnius University, we perform the following test procedures:

• Optical surface quality measurements
• Measurement of transmittance and reflectance in 190-1100 nm range
• Surface flatness, measurement of wavefront distortion of flat and spherical optics
• Angle measurements for prisms, wedges and other optics
• Non-contact ROC, focal length measurements
• Custom made tests

We also offer:
• Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) tests for wide range of laser wavelengths. Tests are performed with cooperation with Lidaris;
• Optical absorption tests according to ISO 11551 standard;
• Total scattering measurements;
• Transmittance measurements from 190 nm to 20000 nm.

During measurement tests we apply:
• Stereo and analytical microscopes
• Spectrophotometer
• Interferometer
• Goniometer
• Spherometer
• DPSS CW lasers (405, 532, 632, 800, 1030, 1064)
• Femtosecond laser Pharos with harmonic module Hiro (Light Conversion)