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About us

Welcome to Altechna® - a Lithuania-based custom laser optics company with customers in multiple markets across the globe. We develop and provide complex technological solutions and custom designs for laser optics and optomechanical assemblies for the serial production of the most powerful lasers in the industry.

Altechna can be your single source for all photonics solutions. For over 28 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation, tirelessly dedicated to developing, measuring, and delivering custom-optimized laser optics and optomechanical assemblies tailored to your unique needs.

Our expertise lies in the wide spectrum of complex technological solutions, where we specialize in designing laser optics and optomechanical assemblies for the serial production of industry-leading lasers. With a commitment to quality, we prioritize understanding your requirements, employing the best production methods, and ensuring timely deliveries.

We are happy to be able to serve some of the biggest names in the laser industry – who trust us to meet their demanding standards and requirements. With a team of over 100 highly competent professionals, we possess the accumulated knowledge and expertise to evaluate and complete every order with attention to the finest details.

Our in-depth knowledge on dielectric coatings and optical designs allows our industrial customers to reconsider their laser geometries and achieve even higher peak levels of power, or reduce the weight of their commercial products. From development to mass production, the quality and repeatability of each product are assured at our metrology laboratory.

So, if your challenge involves anything from femtosecond to continuous-wave technology (CW), we are here to support you with our innovative solutions! Let’s explore the groundbreaking solutions together!

Markets we serve

Altechna‘s wide variety of optical offerings allows us to provide the best solutions for our customers in multiple markets.

“We’re here to help to turn your challenges into solutions - whether you're envisioning a compact tabletop laser or a massive laser welding system.

Our business is built on a five-pillar strategy that focuses on sales, our supply chain, coatings, R&D, and our people. Each element is strategically fine-tuned to focus on our two most important priorities: valued customers and our employees.

It is our firm belief that our customers, as well as our employees, set the highest standards for themselves and those around them. We are committed to aiming for the best and working with the best in the field: we’re happy to be able to serve some of the biggest names within the laser industry and employ only outstanding people who share our dedication to excellence.

Our laser optics and optomechanical assemblies have propelled us to the forefront - enabling us to offer cutting-edge solutions to industry leaders worldwide. If you consider yourself to be among the best, Altechna® is your ideal fit!