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Altechna is one of the TOP contenders at SPIE Laser Damage Competition 2022

Altechna is one of the top contenders at SPIE Laser Damage Competition 2022 with our HR CW optics!

It is a significant recognition of our efforts dedicated while developing our coating procedure, which would be impossible without the help of Lidaris Ltd. in LIDT testing.

Optical components are the core elements and also a limiting factor in any laser system, especially operating in continuous-wave (CW) regime. Constantly growing irradiation fluences require overheating and laser-induced damage-resistant optical components throughout the beam delivery path to maximize the laser’s efficiency today and allow it to improve tomorrow.

We dedicated our effort to reducing absorption and increasing LIDT of our CW optical elements to fulfill and surpass our customers’ needs. Seem like something you could use, or do you have an even greater challenge to resolve?

Check out our Chief Operating Officer, Pranciškus Dobrovolskis, presentation during Poster Session at the SPIE Laser Damage Conference on September 20th, 2022, on this topic to learn more about product development and our AR CW optical components.

The conference will be held in Rochester, New York, during 18-21 of September.

Join this specialized meeting, registration is still open! HERE