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Achromatic (Broadband) Waveplates

Achromatic (Broadband) Waveplates


Crystalline Quartz + MgF

Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/8 @ 632.8 nm*

Retardation tolerance @ 20°C


Clear aperture

Ø5 – 76.2 mm

AR coatings

Ravg<0.75% on each surface


>5 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz


Black anodized metal mount

*depending on size

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Achromatic (broadband) waveplates (AWP) are pair of crystalline quartz and magnesium fluoride plates of controlled thickness with crossed fast axes to create a λ/2 or λ/4 delay in the broad wavelength range. The difference in dispersion between materials allows the arrangement of a slow phase shift over a broad wavelength range.

Achromatic waveplates are needed for various devices, such as tunable laser sources, multiple laser line systems, and other broad-spectrum sources. Achromatic (Broadband) waveplates could be used to replace a number of single-wavelength quartz waveplates, making your system more convenient and easier to use.

Typical Items for Achromatic (Broadband) Waveplates
Wavelength, nm Product ID Product ID
λ/2 retardation, clear aperture >8 mm λ/4 retardation, clear aperture >8 mm
340-560 2-APW-L2-008Z 2-APW-L4-008Z
450-650 2-APW-L2-008A 2-APW-L4-008A
550-750 2-APW-L2-008B 2-APW-L4-008B
650-1100 2-APW-L2-008C 2-APW-L4-008C
λ2 retardation, clear aperture >12 mm λ4 retardation, clear aperture >12 mm
340-560 2-APW-L2-012Z 2-APW-L4-012Z
450-650 2-APW-L2-012A 2-APW-L4-012A
550-750 2-APW-L2-012B 2-APW-L4-012B
650-1100 2-APW-L2-012C 2-APW-L4-012C
λ2 retardation, clear aperture >18 mm λ4 retardation, clear aperture >18 mm
340-560 2-APW-L2-018Z 2-APW-L4-018Z
450-650 2-APW-L2-018A 2-APW-L4-018A
550-750 2-APW-L2-018B 2-APW-L4-018B
650-1100 2-APW-L2-018C 2-APW-L4-018C

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