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AgGaSe2 Crystals

AgGaSe2 Crystals

Wavelength range

0.9 – 16 µm

Orientation accuracy of cut angle

<30 arcmin

Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/8 @ 632.8 nm

AR Coatings

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AgGaSe2 (Silver Gallium Selenite, or AGSE) crystal is useful for mid-infrared and deep-infrared applications because of its large nonlinear optical coefficients and high transmission in the IR region. Its useful transmission range is 0.9 to 16 µm, much wider than that of similar NLO crystals. AGSE crystal is one of the most stable types of IR NLO crystal in terms of temperature changes.

The phase-matching and nonlinear optical properties of AgGaSe2 allow various SFM/DFM interactions, from visible to mid-IR spectrum. These include non-critical phase matching (NCPM) operations within the 1.9–5.5 µm range when pumping at 1.4–1.55 µm, difference frequency generation (DFG) to generate tunable mid and deep-infrared wavelength, and OPO/OPAs (2.5–12 µm) pumped with lasers at 1400-2100 nm (e.g. a Ho:YLF laser at 2.05 µm).


We can offer you a variety of custom-sized AgGaSe2 crystals with broadband AR coatings most suitable for your applications.

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