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Brewster Type Thin Film Polarizers

Brewster Type Thin Film Polarizers

Wavelength range

190 – 3000 nm


5 – 200 mm


Round, rectangular

Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm*

Extinction ratio Tp/Ts



High LIDT coating designs possible

*depending on size

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Having lasers in industrial applications creates new challenges of making the device smaller, cheaper, but robust and repeatable as well.

Polarization optics are important for both intra and extra cavity use. By having high contrast thin film polarizer in their design laser engineers can save weight and volume within their devices without influencing the output. Due to its high damage threshold and high extinction ratio Thin Film Polarizers are a good replacement for Glan laser polarizing prisms or cube polarizing beamsplitter.

We design thin film polarizers in-house for high LIDT and high polarization ratio at the same time. Each coating batch is tested to confirm all spectral characteristics. Typical Laser damage threshold reports can be found on our website:


Contact us with your challenge. We have experienced coating engineers and metrology capabilities to prototype and transfer your idea to a well-defined production process.

Typical Items for Brewster Type Thin Film Polarizers
Wavelength, nm Substrate material Transmision p-pol,% Reflection s-pol, % Dimensions, mm Product ID
266 UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-0266-0254
266 UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-0266-2040
343 UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-0343-0254
343 UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-0343-2040
355 UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-0355-0254
355 UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-0355-2040
400 UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-0400-0254
400 UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-0400-2040
515 UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-0515-0254
515 UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-0515-2040
532 UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-0532-0254
532 UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-0532-2040
795-805 (centered @ 800) UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-0800-0254
795-805 (centered @ 800) UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-0800-2040
1020-1040 (centered @ 1030) UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-1030-0254
1020-1040 (centered @ 1030) UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-1030-2040
1064 UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-1064-0254
1064 UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-1064-2040
1550 UVFS >95% >99.5% Ø25.4x3 2-BFP-1550-0254
1550 UVFS >95% >99.5% 20x40x5 2-BFP-1550-2040

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