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Circular Variable Neutral Density Filters

Circular Variable Neutral Density Filters

Substrate material



Ø25 – 100 mm

Surface quality, S-D


Surface flatness, P-V

<λ @ 632.8 nm*

Operating wavelength range

250 – 2500 nm

*depending on size

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Circular variable neutral-density (CVND) filters provide continuously variable, linear attenuation of light by rotating the filter around its center. The filter can be used for white light and for lasers, or with any other source of light for which signal attenuation is required. The transmitted intensity varies as a function of the optical density.

Such filters present a cost-effective way to attenuate beam intensity for low-power laser applications. One of the main advantages of such attenuation is that an ND filter is suitable for different wavelengths. We recommend this product for R&D institutions that work with different wavelength beams or OPA and OPO.

CVND filters can be ordered together with a handy holder that has degree indications on the side. For a high level of precision in tasks with high energy attenuation, we recommend our industrial-grade products Watt Pilot and PXP in our attenuation product line.

Typical Items for Circular Variable Neutral Density Filters
Wavelength range, nm Optical density range Average transmission in VIS Substrate material Product ID (Ø25 mm) Product ID (Ø50 mm) Product ID (Ø100 mm)
250-2500 0.04 to 2.0 90% to 1% UVFS 1-CNFH-2-B025 1-CNFH-2-B050 1-CNFH-2-B100
250-2500 0.04 to 3.0 90% to 0.1% UVFS 1-CNFH-3-B025 1-CNFH-3-B050 1-CNFH-3-B100
380-2000 0.04 to 2.0 90% to 1% BK7 1-CNFH-2-A025 1-CNFH-2-A050 1-CNFH-2-A100
380-2000 0.04 to 3.0 90% to 0.1% BK7 1-CNFH-3-A025 1-CNFH-3-A050 1-CNFH-3-A100

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