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Concave Spherical Lenses

Concave Spherical Lenses


BK7, FS, UVFS, CaF2, ZnSe, Si, Ge


3 – 200 mm

Surface quality, S-D

40-20, 20-10*

Surface irregularity, P-V

<λ/4 @ 632.8 nm*

Focal length tolerance


Centration error

<3 arcmin

AR coatings

On request

*depending on size and material

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Concave spherical lenses are used for light projection and beam expansion. Plano-concave (PCV) lenses have one surface with a concave radius of curvature, while the other surface is plano. This is the most common type of concave spherical lenses. With double-concave (DCV) lenses, both surfaces have a concave radius, giving them a shorter focal length than PCV lenses of equal radius of curvature.

The most common materials used for concave spherical lenses are BK7 and UVFS. However, UVFS has various grades and a specific grade of glass should be chosen for specific applications. If you have doubts about which type of glass is best for your application, contact us for advice.

Concave spherical lenses are typically coated with e-beam technology so they can reach a reflectivity of R<0.2% per surface, but for more demanding applications sputtering technology is used to achieve a reflectivity of R<0.1%.


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Typical Items for Concave Spherical Lenses
Material Diameter, mm EFL*, mm @ 632.8 nm Product ID
UVFS Ø8 -12.5 1-PCV-2-080-00125
UVFS Ø12.7 -20 1-PCV-2-A127
UVFS Ø12.7 -25 1-PCV-2-25-127
UVFS Ø12.7 -50 1-PCV-2-C127
UVFS Ø12.7 -100 1-PCV-2-E127
UVFS Ø12.7 -250 1-PCV-2-H127
UVFS Ø25.4 -40 1-PCV-2-A254
UVFS Ø25.4 -100 1-PCV-2-D254

* Effective focal length

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