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Dispersive Mirrors

Two round dispersive mirrors in reflective red color one small and one large

Dispersive Mirrors

Wavelength range

190 – 3000 nm


5 – 200 mm


Round, rectangular

Surface quality, S-D


Surface flatness, P-V

<λ/8 @ 632.8 nm*


-100 to -1500 fs²


>100 mJ/cm² @ 1030 nm, 300 fs, 50 Hz

*depending on size

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Dispersive mirrors

A dispersive mirror, also known as a Gires–Tournois interferometer (GTI) mirror, is an optical standing-wave resonator designed for generating chromatic dispersion. These mirrors are used mainly for pulse compression in Yb:YAG and Yb:KGW femtosecond lasers, but can be optimized for other wavelengths, such as in Ti:Sapphire laser systems.

Compared to prism or grating pulse compression systems, dispersive thin-film mirrors exhibit lower losses and lower sensitivity to mechanical misalignment errors, enabling a simpler and more stable laser.

We design standard items for most common laser wavelengths and dispersion values, but Altechna also offers custom-designed dispersive mirrors in terms of wavelength, size and GDD. It is worth mentioning that our dispersive mirrors are coated with sputtering technology, ensuring a high level of performance and durability.


We have a team of experienced coating engineers and metrology capabilities to prototype and transfer your idea into a well-defined production process.

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