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Low Loss HR Mirrors

Three round low loss HR mirror in green color with reflective surfaces

Low Loss HR Mirrors

Typical wavelength range

250 – 3000 nm

Available dimension range

5 – 200 mm


Round, rectangular, elliptical

Clear aperture


Surface quality, S-D


Surface flatness, P-V

<λ/8 @ 632.8 nm**


>99.98%, >99.95%


>17 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz

*100% CA available on request

**depending on the size of the element

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Low loss HR mirrors

Low Loss HR mirrors are essential in laser systems where the lowest possible losses are required.

Mirrors are manufactured using advanced sputtering technologies. Low Loss HR mirrors provide maximum reflection in a certain wavelength range and angle of incidence (AOI). Wide-angle (AOI 0-50°) mirrors are also available.

Ion beam sputtering (IBS) coatings are distinguished from other coating technologies by the possibility of reaching extremely high-quality specifications. IBS thin films feature higher density and durability compared to evaporated ones, making them resistant to environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and pressure. They also allow scattering to be minimized in dielectric layers which is usually a limiting factor for achieving high reflectivity.



  • Resistant to environmental conditions
  • Wide-angle (AOI: 0-50°) mirrors are available
  • Mass production capabilities: >500 pcs of Ø25.4 mm substrates per single batch
  • Reflectance higher than 99.9%
  • Typical surface flatness, P-V: <λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
  • Laser damage threshold up to 17 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz


Feel free to reach out to us for more information or any inquiries you may have at: [email protected]. We’re here to assist you!


Typical Items for Low Loss HR Mirrors

Substrate material Dimensions, mm Reflectance, % Wavelength, nm Product ID
for AOI=0°
UVFS Ø25.4x5 >99.9 343-355 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1B00-IBS]
515-532 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1F00-IBS]
UVFS Ø25.4x5 >99.95 1030-1064 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1PR00-IBS]
Reflectance s/p, % Product ID
for AOI=45°
UVFS Ø25.4x5 >99.9/>99.7 343-355 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1B45-IBS]
>99.97/>99.93 515-532 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1F45-IBS]
>99.98/>99.93 1030-1064 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1PR45-IBS]

                                  MEASURED LIDT VALUES

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