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Fiber End Caps

Close-up of a fused silica fiber end cap in white color

Fiber End Caps


Fused Silica (Corning® C7979, Suprasil® 300 and similar)

Surface flatness, PV

<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm

Surface quality, S-D

10 – 5


<10 arcsec

Concentricity tolerance

<0.05 mm

Perpendicularity tolerance

<0.05 mm

Angle tolerance


AR Coatings

R <0.1%


<1 ppm


>87 kW/cm @ 1070 nm  

LIDT (pulsed)

>102 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm, 10 ns (1-on-1)

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Fiber End Caps

Fiber end caps help to extend the range of applications for fiber lasers to higher powers.

The limiting factor that determines the maximum power that can be guided through a fiber is the power density at the fiber end faces. Due to the small diameter of fibers, extremely high power densities can cause scorching and damage to the end face.

These detrimental effects can be avoided by using a fiber end cap. Beam divergence within an end cap leads to significantly lower power densities at the glass/air interface. Nevertheless, when high-power fiber lasers are used, the power densities are still enough to initiate strong heating and damage the end cap.

Altechna provides a solution by offering custom end caps that have an extremely low level of absorption, high LIDT values, tight mechanical tolerances, and flawless optical performance, resulting in perfect beam quality.

Every specification is evaluated and confirmed in our metrology laboratory.


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Fiber End Caps Typical Item

Length, mm Diameter S1, mm Stem length, mm Taper diameter S2, mm Taper angle, ° Substrate material Product ID
20 7.5 4 2 N/A Corning 7979 0F 1-OS-3-2075-02

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