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Glan Type Polarizers


a-BBO, YVO4, Calcite

Wavelength range

200 – 4000 nm

Clear aperture

Ø8 – 20 mm


15 – 50 mm

Extinction ratio


Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/2-λ/4 @ 632.8 nm


Single layer MgF2


>100-500 MW/cm²

*depending on material

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Glan-type polarizers are mounted polarizing prisms used for applications that require broad spectral ranges, high extinction ratios and/or high polarization purities.

A typical use for such polarizers is for “cleaning” the polarization of a light source, or for the attenuation of a polarized light source. Glan-type polarizers have a few advantages over thin film polarizers (TFPs): firstly, the extinction ratio of Glan-type polarizers is higher than that of TFPs by 2 to 4 orders of magnitude, allowing them to have better polarization purity; secondly, they have a broadband spectral operation range, whereas TFPs are designed for narrow laser-line operation. Standard Glan-type polarizers are mounted into barrel type mounts, which are convenient for most applications.

Altechna offers three types of Glan-type polarizers, you can choose according to your application:

  • Glan-Taylor
  • Glan-laser
  • Glan-Thompson

A Glan-Taylor polarizer is a medium-power polarizer designed to transmit only extraordinary polarization beam whereas an ordinary polarization beam is deflected to the housing. The side faces are painted black to absorb rejected beams. The polarizer is designed in a way that makes a shorter length available, meaning it is the best choice for medium-power ultrashort laser-pulse applications that require the lowest possible amount of pulse stretching.

Glan-Thompson polarizers are low-power polarizers that are ideal for visible or NIR applications that require the highest-possible transmission values. Because of the cement used, they have higher transmission than Glan-Taylor polarizers but a limited useful UV spectral range and lower LIDT values. A transmitted beam of extraordinary polarization is used. The side faces are painted black to absorb rejected beams.


Glan-laser Polarizers are like Glan-Taylor ones, but are designed for higher-power applications. The polarizer has two escape windows to allow the rejected beams to escape. The entrance and exit faces are polished using a deep grinding and polishing technique to minimize scattering from the surface.

Typical Items for High Energy Glan Laser Polarizers
Wavelength, nm C.A.*, mm O.D.**, mm Product ID (High Energy Glan Laser Polarizers) Product ID (Glan Taylor Polarizers) Product ID (Glan Thompson POlarizers)
350-2300 8 25.4 2-GL-3522-1 2-GT-3522-1 2-GTH-3522-1
350-2300 10 25.4 2-GL-3522-2 2-GT-3522-2 2-GTH-3522-2
350-2300 12.7 25.4 2-GL-3522-3 2-GT-3522-3 2-GTH-3522-3
350-2300 15 30 2-GL-3522-4 2-GT-3522-4
350-2300 20 38 2-GL-3522-5 2-GT-3522-5
200-350 8 25.4 2-GL-2235-1 2-GT-2235-1
200-350 10 25.4 2-GL-2235-2 2-GT-2235-2
200-350 12.7 25.4 2-GL-2235-3 2-GT-2235-3
200-350 15 30 2-GL-2235-4 2-GT-2235-4
200-350 20 38 2-GL-2235-5 2-GT-2235-5
300-700 8 25.4 2-GL-3570-1 2-GT-3570-1
300-700 10 25.4 2-GL-3570-2 2-GT-3570-2
300-700 15 30 2-GL-3570-4 2-GT-3570-4
300-700 20 38 2-GL-3570-5 2-GT-3570-5
700 - 3000 8 25.4 2-GL-7030-1 2-GT-7030-1
700 - 3000 10 25.4 2-GL-7030-2 2-GT-7030-2
700 - 3000 15 30 2-GL-7030-4 2-GT-7030-4
700 - 3000 20 38 2-GL-7030-5 2-GT-7030-5
500-4000 8 25.4 2-GL-5040-1 2-GT-5040-1
500-4000 10 25.4 2-GL-5040-2 2-GT-5040-2
500-4000 15 30 2-GL-5040-3 2-GT-5040-3

* Clear Aperture
** Outside Diameter

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