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High Energy Waveplates

High Energy Waveplates


Crystalline Quartz

Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm

Retardation tolerance @ 20°C


Clear aperture

Ø5 – 76.2 mm

AR coatings

Ravg<0.2% on each surface


>20 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz


Black, white anodized metal mount

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Epoxy-free waveplates for high-energy applications withstand an energy density of >20 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm for 10 ns pulses with a 10 Hz pulse-repetition rate. Their unique design minimizes adjustment sensitivity because of a wide acceptance angle. As the usage temperature bandwidth is more than 200 K, such waveplates can be used in hazardous conditions with no additional losses. The waveplate order depends on the wavelength and retardation required.

  • High extinction ratio
  • Wide acceptance angle
  • Wide temperature bandwidth
  • Extremely useful in UV applications
Typical Items* for High Energy Waveplates
Wavelength, nm Mount size, Ø12.7 x 6 mm Mount size, Ø25.4 x 6 mm Mount size, Ø25.4 x 6 mm
λ/2 retardation, clear aperture >8 mm λ/2 retardation, clear aperture >18 mm λ/4 retardation, clear aperture >18 mm
Product ID Product ID Product ID
266 2-CPW-TSO-L2-0266 2-CPW-T4O-L4-0266-W
343 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0343-S 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0343-W 2-CPW-TTO-L4-0343-W
355 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0355-S 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0355-W 2-CPW-TSO-L4-0355-W
400 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0400-S 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0400 2-CPW-TSO-L4-0400
515 2-CPW-TZO-L2-0515-S 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0515 2-CPW-TSO-L4-0515
532 2-CPW-TZO-L2-0532-S 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0532 2-CPW-TFO-L4-0532
780 2-CPW-TFO-L4-0780
800 2-CPW-TZO-L2-0800-S 2-CPW-TZO-L2-0800 2-CPW-TFO-L4-0800
1030 2-CPW-TZO-L2-1030-S 2-CPW-TZO-L2-1030 2-CPW-TFO-L4-1030
1064 2-CPW-TZO-L2-1064-S 2-CPW-TZO-L2-1064 2-CPW-TFO-L4-1064

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