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Laser Beam Attenuator, Enhanced Version

Laser Beam Attenuator, Enhanced Version

Clear aperture

15 mm


Up to ±20 nm


Reflection or transmission type


λ/2 ZO waveplate + 1x or 2x Thin Film polarizers

Attenuation range (Tmin-Tmax) @ CWL

Up to 0.3-99 %*

Typical applications

High power CW and pulsed lasers, LDs

Damage threshold

>5 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H)

89 x 72 x 78 mm – reflection type, 87 x 68 x 78 mm – transmission type

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The Enhanced version of the attenuator incorporates a rotating quartz λ/2 phase waveplate and one or two Thin Film Polarizers that separate s-polarized and p-polarized beams in parallel directions. The polarizers are housed in a specially designed optomechanical holder mounted together with a precision kinematic adjustable waveplate holder. Pure p-polarization should be selected for maximum transmission and pure s-polarization for maximum attenuation. The intensity ratio of separated beams is continuously tuned by rotating the waveplate in the holder.

Custom wavelengths are available upon request.

Contact us and we will find a solution for your beam attenuation, power control and beam splitting needs. We can also recommend compatible optical components for your beam delivery applications.



  • Easy operated manual design
  • Ideal for femtosecond and high power laser applications
  • Two parallel p-pol and s-pol output beams
  • Interchangeable optics


*Attenuation range for transmission type

  • Tmax (when open): >95%; Tmin (when closed): <0.5%

*Attenuation range for reflection type

  • Tmax (when open): >95%; Tmin (when closed): <0.5% (P-pol output)
  • Tmax (when open): >99%; Tmin (when closed): <0.3% (S-pol output)

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