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Nd:YLF Crystals

Four pink Nd:YLF laser crystals in rectangular prism shape of different sizes

Nd:YLF Crystals

Doping concentration

0.4-2 atm.%

Aperture dimensions

1×1 – 15×15 mm

Crystal orientation

c-cut [111]

Surface quality, S-D


Surface flatness, P-V

<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm

Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

up to λ/8 @ 632.8 nm

Excition ratio

>28 dB


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Nd:YLF – Laser crystal

Nd:YLF (with the more precise formula Nd:LiYF4) emission wavelengths are 1053, 1047, 1313, 1324 and 1370 nm. This is a laser material that acts as an alternative to Nd:YAG. The main advantage of Nd:YLF over Nd:YAG is a higher pulse energy at a low (<2 kHz) repetition rate. Other notable differences are weak thermal lensing, a relatively broad fluorescence linewidth and naturally polarized oscillation. Altechna provides Nd:YLF crystals selected to have low inhomogeneity over the whole aperture. Crystals with a diameter of 10 mm, length of 120 mm and inhomogeneity of 0.1-0.3×10-5 are available.

  • Low inhomogeneity
  • Apertures up to 20 mm
  • Length up to 120 mm
  • Barrel side can be optimized for better heat handling


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