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Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors

Two low GDD ultrafast mirrors one large one small in pink color

Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors

Wavelength range

190 – 3000 nm


5 – 200 mm


Round, rectangular

Surface quality, S-D


Surface flatness, P-V

<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm*

Reflection GDD for s-pol

±10 fs²

Reflection GDD for p-pol

±20 fs²


>1 J/cm² @ 1030 nm, 300 fs, 50 kHz

*depending on size

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Low GDD ultrafast mirrors

Femtosecond applications require mirrors when a temporal pulse broadening effect is undesirable.

Metallic mirrors do a good job, but if you need a higher LIDT and better reflectivity, Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors are better. These are designed for certain wavelengths and angle of incidences (AOI). They are often used in applications that provide external beam manipulation for Ti:Sapphire, Yb:YAG and YB:KGW and Er:Fiber laser fundamental wavelengths, as well as their harmonics.

We design and manufacture mirrors in-house for high LIDT, high reflectivity and low Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) values. Each coating batch is tested to confirm their reflectivity and GDD characteristics. We can measure GDD values in a wavelength range of 500 – 1650 nm with a resolution of up to 5 fs². LIDT measurements are carried out on request at independent companies.


Contact us with your challenge. We have a team of experienced coating engineers and metrology capabilities to prototype and transfer your idea into a well-defined production process: [email protected].


Typical Items for Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors

Wavelength, nm Reflectance
(s+p)/2, %
Product ID
for AOI=45°
Product ID
for AOI=0°
Ø12.7x5 mm Ø12.7x5 mm
500-532 >99.5 1-OS-2-0127-5-[1E45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0127-5-[1E00-GDD]
760-840 >99.5 1-OS-2-0127-5-[1K45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0127-5-[1K00-GDD]
1000-1060 >99.5 1-OS-2-0127-5-[1P45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0127-5-[1P00-GDD]

Ø25.4x5 mm Ø25.4x5 mm
250-270 >99 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1A45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1A00-GDD]
340-370 >99.5 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1B45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1B00-GDD]
500-532 >99.5 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1E45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1E00-GDD]
760-840 >99.5 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1K45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1K00-GDD]
1000-1060 >99.5 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1P45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1P00-GDD]

Ø50.8x6 mm Ø50.8x6 mm
500-532 >99.5 1-OS-2-0508-6-[1E45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0508-6-[1E00-GDD]
760-840 >99.5 1-OS-2-0508-6-[1K45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0508-6-[1K00-GDD]
1000-1060 >99.5 1-OS-2-0508-6-[1P45-GDD] 1-OS-2-0508-6-[1P00-GDD]

                                  MEASURED LIDT VALUES

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