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Motorized Beam Expander

Motorized Beam Expander

Expansion range

1x-2x, 1x(1.1x)*-5.5x

Pointing stability

<100 µrad

24/7 expansion


Expansion accuracy

<±7.5% (1x-2x model)
<±5% (1x(1.1x)-5.5x model)

Operation speed

< 1 sec from min to max

Suitable for long beam path

> 2 meters propagation

Minimum service life

>3500 hours of
non-stop operation


(>99% on request)

Control interfaces


*515-532 nm and 1030-1064 nm models are limited to 1.1x-5.5x range.

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Expansion range Wavelength, nm Max input beam diameter*, mm LIDT, J/cm² @ 10 ns, 100 Hz Product ID Drawings
1x-2x 343 1x - Ø7.5 >3.1 MBE-1x-2x-0343-0355-v.3.4
1.5x - Ø5.5
2x - Ø4.5
1x-2x 515-532 1x - Ø8.0 >3.5 MBE-1x-2x-0515-0532-v.3.4
1.5x - Ø6.5
2x - Ø5.0
1x-2x 1030-1064 1x - Ø9.5 >8.8 MBE-1x-2x-1030-1064-v.3.4
1.5x - Ø8.0
2x - Ø6.5
1x-5.5x 343-355 1x - Ø5.0 >0.6 MBE-1x-5.5x-0343-0355-v.3.4
2x - Ø6.0
3x - Ø5.5
4x - Ø4.5
5.5x - Ø4.0
1.1x-5.5x 515-532 1.1x - Ø5.0 >0.9 MBE-1x-5.5x-0515-0532-v.3.4
2x - Ø7.0
3x - Ø6.5
4x - Ø5.5
5.5x - Ø4.5
1.1x-5.5x 1030-1064 1.1x - Ø6.0 >2.2 MBE-1x-5.5x-1030-1064-v.3.4
2x - Ø9.0
3x - Ø8.0
4x - Ø7.0
5.5x - Ø5.5

* Max input beam diameter at 1/e2 intensity level ensuring diffraction limited performance.

Motorized Beam Expander (MBE) is a precision beam expander designed for automated applications. Device allows rapid and independent divergence as well as magnification adjustment during its operation. MBE features high pointing stability (<100 µrad or <10 µm focal spot shift in F=+100 mm lens focal plane) as well as expansion accuracy (<±7.5%) which is a common desire in the industry but was not fulfilled until now.

Moreover, high expansion repeatability (±0.6%) and longevity of the product helps to increase the efficiency of the application as frequent calibration and replacement can be avoided. In addition, MBE optical design enables it to be used in high power laser applications as there are no internal foci.

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