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MDC – Motorized Divergence Controllers

MDC – Motorized Divergence Controllers

Wavelength range

355 – 1064 nm

Beam wander

< 0.5 mrad

Adjustment rate

up to 30 mrad/sec


<1 μrad/step

Lens material


Clear Aperture

>8 mm

Transmitted wavefront distortion

<λ/4 @ 632.8 nm

Control interface


Software platform



> 10 J/cm² @ 1064 nm; 10 ns; 10 Hz

Max input beam diameter

Up to 6 mm at 1/e2


34 x 70 x 145 mm

Control interface

USB, RS232, Ethernet

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An MDC is a divergence adjuster designed for automated applications. It changes beam divergence from ~-2 mrad (converging) to ~+4 mrad (diverging). This device is useful in laser machining systems, where quick size adjustments for laser spots are needed. The control solution for the divergence adjuster is versatile, with the ability to change it with a computer or directly with control buttons.

The standard wavelengths are 1st-3rd Nd:YAG harmonics, but any custom wavelength is available on request.


  • Suitable for ultrafast picosecond and femtosecond lasers
  • Aberration-minimized design (special aberration compensation layout)
  • Reduced setup time by automatic divergence adjustment
  • Plug & play solution (controller included)
  • Active position tracking and correction function is available
  • Custom wavelengths are available in the range of 250-3000 nm
Typical Items for MDC - Motorized Divergence Controllers
Wavelength, nm Focus range*, mm Divergence adjustment range*, mrad Product ID
343-355 ±32 from -0.6 to +5.5 MDC-0355
515-532 ±34 from -0.8 to +4.9 MDC-0532
1030-1064 ±36 from -0.9 to +4.4 MDC-1064

* Using F=+163 mm F-Theta lens when Ø3 mm (at 1/e2 intensity level) entrance beam has M2=1 and 1 mrad divergence

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