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Mid-IR Waveplates

Mid-IR Waveplates

Wavelength range, μm

2.8 – 11

Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/4 – λ/8 @ 632.8 nm

Retardation tolerance @ 20 °C

±λ/40 – λ/100

Clear aperture

Ø10 – 15 mm

AR coatings

On request


Black anodized metal mount

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Mid-IR waveplates are used to manipulate the polarization state of light in the mid-infrared region. Altechna offers half (λ/2) and quarter (λ/4) zero-order waveplates in a range of 2.8 to 11 μm.

Zero-order waveplates provide a wide bandwidth and acceptance angle, as well as low sensitivity to temperature. Mid-IR waveplates are coated with a dielectric AR coating to reduce losses caused by Fresnel reflection. Specially developed AR coatings with minimized OH absorption provide the best possible transmission values for 3 μm and 6 μm waveplates.

Mid-IR waveplates are mounted into a metal holder with an indicated fast axis for easier handling and adjustment.

Typical Items for Mid-IR Waveplates
Wavelength, nm λ/2 retardation, clear aperture >10 mm λ/4 retardation, clear aperture >10 mm Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V
Product ID Product ID
2940 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-2940-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-2940-C <λ/8
3000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-3000-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-3000-C <λ/8
3500 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-3500-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-3500-C <λ/8
4000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-4000-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-4000-C <λ/8
4500 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-4500-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-4500-C <λ/8
5000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-5000-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-5000-C <λ/8
5500 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-5500-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-5500-C <λ/8
6000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-6000-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-6000-C <λ/8
6500 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-6500-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-6500-C <λ/8
7000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-7000-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-7000-C <λ/8
7500 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-7500-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-7500-C <λ/8
8000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-8000-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-8000-C <λ/4
9000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-9000-C 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-9000-C <λ/4
2940 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-2940 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-2940 <λ/8
3000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-3000 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-3000 <λ/8
6000 2-IRPW-ZO-L2-6000 2-IRPW-ZO-L4-6000 <λ/8

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