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Nd:YVO4 Crystals

Nd:YVO4 Crystals

Doping concentration

0.5-3 atm.%

Aperture dimensions

1×1 – 15×15 mm

Crystal orientation


Surface quality, S-D


Surface flatness, P-V

<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm


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Neodymium-doped yttrium vanadate (Nd:YVO4) is one of the best commercially available diode-pumped solid-state laser materials. It has a high laser-induced damage threshold, with good mechanical and optical properties. Its large stimulated emission cross-section and high absorption of pump laser make it an effective crystal for compact lasers.

A broad absorption band centered at 808 nm and favorable mechanical properties make Nd:YVO4 well-suited for compact, efficient, high power diode-pumped lasers. The natural birefringence of vanadate crystals provides a highly polarized output at 1064 and 1342 nm. Nd:YVO4 is a go-to choice for a 1342 nm, as the emission line is much stronger than those of alternatives.

Typical Items for Nd:YVO4 Crystals
Material Dimensions, mm Coatings, nm Product ID
Nd(0.5%):YVO4 3x3x6 AR/AR @ 1064 + 808 3-ND05YVO-05
Nd(0.5%):YVO4 3x3x6 AR/AR @ 1064 3-ND05YVO-02
Nd(1%):YVO4 3x3x1 AR/AR @ 1064 + 808 3-ND10YVO-01
Nd(1%):YVO4 3x3x1 AR/AR @ 1064 3-ND10YVO-05

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