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Non-polarizing Plate Beamsplitters

Two rectangular non-polarizing plate beamsplitters in light green color

Non-polarizing Plate Beamsplitters

Wavelength range

190 – 3000 nm


5 – 180 mm


Round, rectangular

Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/8 @ 632.8 nm

Separation of polarizations, Rs-Rp


AR coating on S2



>1 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz

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Non-polarizing plate beamsplitters

Our non-polarizing plate beamsplitters are a perfect choice for high-power, polarization-sensitive applications.

These products represent an alternative to non-polarizing beamsplitter cubes (NPBCs). Such cubes are usually chosen for convenient handling, but absorption in hybrid metal/dielectric coatings mean that NPBCs exhibit a power loss of approximately 10% and a low LIDT of approximately 0.3 J/cm².

With plate beamsplitters, we have these issues solved:

  • the absorption in their dielectric coating is practically non-existent
  • their LIDT levels exceed 6 J/cm²

Altechna designs and optimizes these beamsplitters according to any unique wavelength, split ratio and angle of incidence. For a quick solution, we offer standard products with a working bandwidth of several tens of nanometers.

For example, beamsplitters designed at 1025 – 1095 nm can be used with Yb:KGW, Yb:YAG, Nd:YAG, Yb:Glass and Nd:Glass lasers. Furthermore, GDD-compensated dielectric coatings are available for selected wavelengths.


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