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Co:Spinel (Co:MgAl2O4) Crystals

Three Co:Spinel (Co:MgAl2o4) laser crystals in blue color glass only

Co:Spinel (Co:MgAl2O4) Crystals

Wavelength range

1200 – 1600 nm

Absorption coefficient

up to 2.4 cm-1

Absorption cross section @ 1540 nm

3.5×10-19 cm²

Surface flatness, P-V

<λ/10 @ 632.8 nm

LIDT (coated)

>50 J/cm2 @ 1535 nm*

AR coatings

Ravg<0.2% @ 1540 nm

*higher values possible

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Co:Spinel – Passive Q-Switch crystals

Compact eye-safe q-switched lasers play an important role in defense and civil applications such as LIDAR, LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy), range-finding and micromachining.

The main challenge typically involved in making compact resonators with saturable absorbers is laser-induced damage within optical components. Short resonator lengths and high peak powers require optimal efficiency for each component. By understanding the challenges and manufacturing limits, we help our customers to reduce the length of laser resonators and handle higher fluencies.

We design coatings in-house for high LIDT, low reflectivity, partial reflectivity or low-loss high-reflectivity resonator coatings on Co:Spinel monocrystal and ceramics. Our know-how allows us to reach ultimate results of >50 J/cm2 @ 1535 nm for mass-production components based on Co:MgAl2O4 crystals.

Contact us so we can help you with your challenge. We have experienced an experienced team of coating engineers and metrology capabilities to prototype and transfer your idea into a well-defined production process.


Typical Items for Co:Spinel (Co2:MgAl2O4) Crystals

Initial transmission @ 1540 nm Coatings, nm Dimensions, mm Product ID
T₀=70% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-70-06
3x3 3-COSP-70-33
T₀=80% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-80-06
3x3 3-COSP-80-33
T₀=85% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-85-06
3x3 3-COSP-85-33
T₀=88% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-88-06
3x3 3-COSP-88-33
T₀=89% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-89-06
3x3 3-COSP-89-33
T₀=90% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-90-06
3x3 3-COSP-90-33
T₀=91% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-91-06
3x3 3-COSP-91-33
T₀=92% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-92-06
3x3 3-COSP-92-33
T₀=95% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-95-06
3x3 3-COSP-95-33
T₀=97% AR/AR @ 1540 Ø6 3-COSP-97-06
3x3 3-COSP-97-33

                                     MEASURED LIDT VALUES 

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