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Plano-Convex Axicons

Plano-Convex Axicons




Regular, precision


Ø25.4 mm

Surface quality, S-D


Surface irregularity, RMS

<λ/4 @ 632.8 mm

Apex angle

90 – 179°

Apex angle tolerance

±0.02 – 0.5°

AR coatings

UV, VIS, NIR, uncoated

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Typical Items

Non-Precision (Ring generation)

Apex Angle

Apex Angle Tolerance

Edge Thickness

AR Coatings

Product ID
90 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-A254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-A254
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-A254
Uncoated 1-APX-2-A254
130 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-B254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-B254
NIR c1-APX-2-NIR-B254
Uncoated 1-APX-2-B254
140 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-C254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-C254
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-C254
Uncoated c1-APX-2-NIR-C254
160 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-D254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-D254
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-D254
Uncoated 1-APX-2-D254
170 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-E254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-E254
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-E254
Uncoated 1-APX-2-E254
175 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-F254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-F254
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-F254
Uncoated 1-APX-2-F254
176 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-G254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-G254
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-G254
Uncoated 1-APX-2-G254
178 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-H254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-H254
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-H254
Uncoated 1-APX-2-H254
179 ±0.5 3.5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-J254
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-J254
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-J254
Uncoated 1-APX-2-J254
Precision (Ring + Bessel beam generation)

Apex Angle

Apex Angle Tolerance

Edge Thickness

AR Coatings

Product ID
170 ±0.05 5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-E254-P
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-E254-P
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-E254-P
Uncoated 1-APX-2-E254-P
175 ±0.05 5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-F254-P
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-F254-P
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-F254-P
Uncoated 1-APX-2-F254-P
176 ±0.05 5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-G254-P
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-G254-P
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-G254-P
Uncoated 1-APX-2-G254-P
178 ±0.05 5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-H254-P
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-H254-P
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-H254-P
Uncoated 1-APX-2-H254-P
179 ±0.05 5 UV 1-APX-2-UV-J254-P
VIS 1-APX-2-VIS-J254-P
NIR 1-APX-2-NIR-J254-P
Uncoated 1-APX-2-J254-P

Altechna offers two types of plano-convex axicons – regular ar precision.

  • Regular axicons create an annular beam in a far-field
  • Precision axicons also transform a Gaussian beam into a non-diffractive Bessel beam in the near field

Plano-convex axicons (conical lenses) are used for a variety of applications. The quality of the generated ring and Bessel beam as well as all mechanical tolerances are fully evaluated in our metrology laboratory using different measurement methods.

Please feel free to contact our support team with any questions you may have.

Main features Regular Precision
Production method: Conventional polishing CNC polishing
Tip accuracy: Medium Very high
Performance: Ring generation Ring + Bessel beam generation
Apex angle: 90 - 179° 170 - 179°
Apex angle tolerance: ± 0.5° ± 0.05°
Application: Laser drilling, microscopy, medical applications Scanning imaging systems, atom or molecule guiding, microfabrication

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