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Polarizer Rotator

Polarizer Rotator

Dimensions (L x W x H)

47 x 91 x 63 mm

Max speed

5 turns/min


41.54 arcsec/step

Step accuracy in full rotation

±4 steps


±4 steps

Travel range


Typical application

Automated laser systems

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Typical Item for Polarizer Rotator

Optics, mm Product ID Drawings
Ø25.4 RWP-0254

Motorized polarizer rotator is designed to precisely rotate optical components around its axis.

  • It accommodates 1 inch waveplate or any other 1 inch diameter component. The assembly consists of two main blocks – rotator and the base plate, adjustable kinematically, thus setup provides extra degrees of freedom for angular adjustment.
  • Side plate has 1 inch diameter hole, which simplifies additional optics or tube mounting in the beam path.

Package contains: rotator, power supply, controller and software.

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