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SBN Crystals


SBN:75, SBN:61

CeO2 doping concentration

0.002 – 0.1 wt. %

SBN:75 Molecular weight

381.854 g-mol

SBN:61 Molecular weight

388.813 g-mol

SBN:75 Curie temperature

56 °C

SBN:61 Curie temperature

80 °C

SBN:75 Pyroellectric coefficient

0.28 μC x cm-2 x K-1

SBN:61 Pyroellectric coefficient

0.065 μC x cm-2 x K-1

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SBN crystals that are nominally pure and doped with Ce, Cr or Co SBN crystals of different compositions are used in electro-optics, acousto-optics and photorefractive nonlinear optics. SBN:75 and SBN:61 exhibit extremely high electro-optical coefficients. A new growing technique (the Stepanov method) provides excellent optical-quality single crystals with linear dimensions of up to 40 mm. Our SBN crystals are free of growth striations, inclusions, and other inhomogeneities.

SBN crystalline elements meet the requirements for different applications. Large, high-quality SBN optical elements and photorefractive cells are available.


SBN crystals have good optical properties and are therefore promising for various optical applications, such as:

  • Two-wave mixing: optical information recording, dynamic holographic interferometry, optical holographic amplifier
  • Four-wave mixing: highly efficient phase conjugation, self pumped phase conjugation mirror, double phase conjugation mirror
  • Electro-optical elements, acousto-optical elements
  • Pyroelectrical detectors
  • Self-frequency doubling, self-sum-frequency mixing of laser and pump radiations

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