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Watt Pilot – Motorized Attenuator, Ultrafast version

Watt Pilot – Motorized Attenuator, Ultrafast version

Clear aperture

18 mm

Recommended maximum input beam diameter at 1/e2

12 mm


Up to ±50 nm


λ/2 Achromatic waveplate + 2x Broadband (Ultrafast) Thin Film polarizers

Attenuation range (Tmin-Tmax) @ CWL

4-96%*, 0.1-70 %*

Typical applications

Ultrafast broadband laser sources with pulse length <100 fs

Damage threshold

>100 mJ/cm² @ 800 nm, 100 fs, 1 kHz

Dimensions (L x W x H)

187 x 91 x 63 mm

Time between min and max attenuation

<3 sec

Steps between min and max attenuation



<42 arcsec/step

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The Ultrafast Watt Pilot is intended for laser pulses of <100 fs. It incorporates a motor-driven rotating Achromatic λ/2 phase waveplate and two high-performance Broadband 72° Thin Film Polarizers that separate s-polarized and p-polarized beams in parallel directions. The intensity ratio of the separated beams is continuously tuned by rotating the waveplate.

There are 2 standardized types of ultrafast attenuators – one for maximum transmitted energy and one for maximum blocked beam.

The Watt Pilot is essential in systems in which stable adjustments to laser power are necessary. Despite the stand-alone device look, the motorized attenuator is compact and can be easily integrated into custom optical systems.

Custom wavelengths are available upon request.

Contact us and we will find a solution for your beam attenuation, power control, beam splitting needs. We can also recommend compatible optical components for your beam delivery applications.



  • Fast open-close time
  • Low dispersion optical design for ultrashort pulse high power laser applications
  • Two parallel p-pol and s-pol output beams
  • Interchangeable optics
  • PC Control software included
  • User-friendly software interface



*Attenuation range for reflection type R1 (Reflection)

  • Tmax (when open): >80 %; Tmin (when closed): <2 % (P-pol output)
  • Tmax (when open): >96 %; Tmin (when closed): <4 % (S-pol output)


*Attenuation range for reflection type R2 (Reflection Contrast)

  • Tmax (when open): >98 %; Tmin (when closed): <15 % (P-pol output)
  • Tmax (when open): >72 %; Tmin (when closed): <1 % (S-pol output)

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