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Polarization Rotators

Two polarization rotators with thick black casing
Large blue cylindrical polarization rotator with pink and black arrows along and X and Y optical axis

Polarization Rotators

Wavelength range

343 – 1064 nm

Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/8 @ 632.8 nm

Polarization rotation

45° or 90°

Rotation accuracy

<3 arcmin

AR coatings

Ravg<0.2% on
each surface


>10 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz


Black anodized
metal mount

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Polarization rotators

Polarization Rotators rotate polarization at a fixed angle and represent a good alternative to retardation waveplates for narrow-waveband lasers.

The rotation of polarization is caused by a property called optical activity, which is natural to quartz crystal and other enantiomorphous materials. There are “right-handed” and “left-handed” quartz that rotates the polarization clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively.

As the rotators are c-cut, the rotation of polarization occurs independently of the component’s rotation around the optical axis, thus component is alignment-insensitive and the only requirement is that the incident beam must be perpendicular to rotator’s aperture.

Altechna offers rotators with fixed polarization rotation angles of 45° or 90°, including antireflection coatings for the designed wavelength. For more convenient use, all rotators are mounted in black anodized aluminum mounts.


  • No need for special adjustment
  • Coated with antireflection coatings
  • Rotates polarization at a fixed angle
  • Custom rotation angle available
  • Counter-clockwise rotation by request
  • Rotators without mounting by request
  • Rotators for custom wavelengths are available


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Typical Items for Polarization Rotators

Clear aperture, mm Designed wavelength, nm Polarization rotation (clockwise), ° Thickness with mount, mm Product ID
>18 355 45 6 2-CPR-18-45-355
90 6 2-CPR-18-90-355
>18 532 45 6 2-CPR-18-45-532
90 8 2-CPR-18-90-532
>18 1064 45 12 2-CPR-18-45-1064
90 20 2-CPR-18-90-1064

                                  MEASURED LIDT VALUES

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