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Quality Assurance Policy

LEAN manufacturing

  • Just-in-time production
  • Waste elimination
  • Standardization
  • Excellent performance

Copy Exactly!

  • Manufacturing discipline
  • Process control assurance
  • Guaranteed repeatability

On time delivery

  • Outstanding efficiency in supply chain processes

Our certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015


Our production capabilities, together with in-house quality control and a metrology laboratory let us offer top-notch quality and repeatability for each product we ship.

Our goal is to ensure that after fabrication, every element passes the final steps of quality testing, such as those relating to shape, surface quality, surface figure, dimension tolerances, parallelism, and spectral characteristics.

We believe that quality control is the most important aspect of all steps in the production of optical components, whether the component is used in a simple optical or complex industrial system. Altechna cares about your success in experiments, the performance of products, and excellence in quality.

In partnership with Vilnius University and local R&D companies we perform the following test procedures:
  • Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) measurements according to ISO 21254-1-2, -3 and -4 standards for a wide range of laser wavelengths
  • Optical absorption tests according to ISO 11551 standard
  • Total scattering measurements according to ISO 13696
  • Transmittance and contrast AOI=0° from 4900 to 20000 nm
  • Surface roughness measurement with atomic force microscope

In-house Metrology

Chromatis (KMLabs)

Dispersion measurement instrument – “Chromatis”
  • Measurements of components and coatings phase (rad) / Group delay (fs) / GDD (fs²) / TOD (fs³) / FOD (fs4)
  • Spectrum range: 550 – 1650 nm. Resolution up to 5 fs²
  • Measurements for s and p polarization simultaneously in reflection and transmission modes
  • Angles of incidence from 0° to 70°
  • Mirror pairs are measured at angles from 6° to 54°
  • The white light source allows characterization of mirrors designed for Ti:sapphire (800 nm), Yb:fiber (1030 nm), and Er:fiber (1550 nm)

Starrett AVR300

Automatic CNC vision metrology system with Renishaw touch probe kit
  • Dedicated for very accurate and repetitive dimensions measurement
    for optical and mechanical components
  • Full CNC X-Y-Z motorized positioning: 300 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Accuracy: 1.9 μm + 5L/1000 for X and Y, 3.5 μm + 5L/1000 for Z
  • Video edge detection (VED)
  • 2D geometrical constructs plus height
  • Field-of-view (FOV) measurements integrated with stage motion, from
    12 mm to 1 mm
  • Telecentric 12:1 Zoom lens (total magnification: 26x-310x)
  • Touch probe: Renishaw PH6 head with TP20SF 6-way, kinematic touch-trigger probe system
  • Reports in CSV, TXT, PDF or DXF file format

Temperature and humidity chamber

Temperature and humidity chamber
  • For coatings, glued parts and materials tests
  • Static and dynamic environmental tests according to MIL-PRF-13830B, MIL-C-48497A, and other durability requirements
  • Temperature range from -50 °C to +155 °C. Stability ± 0.5 °C
  • Relative humidity range is 30% – 95%
  • 22.5 L capacity
  • Samples up to 290 x 250 x 240 mm (W x H x D)

ZYGO Verifire XP/Z

ZYGO Verifire XP/Z
  • Interferometric measurements for s and p polarization (Internal Zygo polarizator option). For polarization sensitive optics, such as laser crystals
  • Clear aperture up to 101.6 mm
  • Zygo transmission-/reference flats (< λ/20 @ 632.8 nm) for surface flatness (PV/power/irregularity/RMS), wavefront distortion and parallelism measurements
  • Zygo f/0.75, f/1.5, f/3.3, f/10.7 transmission/reference spheres
    (< λ/20 @ 632.8 nm) and “Renishaw” guide rail (1500 mm) for radius metrology to test spherical surfaces for form irregularities, wavefront distortion and Radius of Curvature with radius of ±4 nm – ±800 mm

Spherometer with centering module

Spherometer with centering module
  • For spherical lens radius of curvature, focal length and centration measurements
  • For cylindrical radius of curvature within 185 – 3500 nm
  • Additional accessories extend our capabilities to measure EFL values up to ± 5000 mm, ROC – ± 750 mm
  • Non-contact and less damaging method
  • Accuracy: 0.05% – 0.3%

High accuracy goniometer

High accuracy goniometer
  • For testing prisms, polygons, wedges, deflection, roof-angle
  • Absolute testing of polygons according to the rosette method
  • Evaluation of the measurement results in conformance to the
    ISO 10110-1, VDI-2605 as well as the DIN 3140 standards
  • Air bearing rotary table. Accuracy better than 0.6 arcsec
  • Minimum specimen surface (uncoated glass) – 0.5 mm²
  • Maximum specimen diameter – 210 mm

Spectrophotometer Photon RT

Spectrophotometer Photon RT
  • Designed for measurement of optical samples
  • Spectral range within 185 nm – 3500 nm
  • Polarization measurements within 220 nm – 3500 nm
  • Transmittance: T, Ts, Tp for angles 0° – 75°
  • Absolute reflectance: R, Rs, Rp for angles 8° – 75°
  • Option for measurement of polarizing beam splitter cubes (Rs+Tp)

Custom measurement setups with CW lasers

Custom measurement setups with CW lasers
  • According to customer inquiries, we build customized setups to test certain parameters such as retardation, extinction ratio, beam displacement, polarizers contrast, pointing stability, transmitted beam distortion, beam quality, etc.
  • Lasers wavelengths: 532 nm, 355 nm, 450 nm, 520 nm, 632.8 nm, 640 nm, 800 nm, 1030 nm, 1064 nm, 1531 nm, and 1555 nm

Surface quality inspection

Surface quality inspection
  • Visual inspection methods according to MIL-PRF-13830B, ISO 10110-7, ISO 14997:2011 or another strict requirement according to the customer
  • Equipment for visual inspection workplace:
    • Stereo Olympus microscopes SZX7- 0.75x-100x
    • High power light source (MLC-150C, Motic)
    • Standard illumination – 120 000 Lx
    • Horizontal laminar flow cabinet
  • Other equipment:
    • Analytical microscope BX51TRF, 5x-100x (Olympus) with CCD camera for photos and dimension measurement
    • ISO 10110-7 / ISO 14997 Plus – Surface scratch & dig evaluation targets
    • Certified abrasion and adhesion test kit (CAT.S12900)