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Lithuanian Altechna, Leading Laser Optics Company, Acquires Colorado’s Alpine Research Optics (ARO), Expanding Quality Laser Optical Solutions Offering

Lithuanian Altechna, leading laser optics company, acquires Colorado’s Alpine Research Optics, expanding quality laser optical solutions offering

Altechna, a provider of laser optics and optomechanical assemblies from Vilnius, Lithuania has acquired Alpine Research Optics (ARO), situated in a hub of photonics research and technology – Boulder, Colorado. Both companies plan to triple their income in five years while maintaining ARO’s management. This union will strengthen the companies’ position in the global laser technology market while focusing on medical and semiconductor production.

November 27, 2023. Altechna, a custom laser optics company, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, is expanding its global presence by acquiring Boulder-based ARO, a high-quality laser optics producer, specializing in UV applications.

Maintaining the original management structure of ARO, both companies aim to multiply their income three times in laser technology over the next five years. In 2023, the combined revenues of the two companies are expected to reach more than €22 million.

By obtaining a company with 35 skilled professionals, Altechna is enhancing its capacity to provide superior laser technology solutions. As a result of the expanded laser optics offering, Altechna will create new job vacancies for technologists and engineers in the long run.

Lithuania is one of the world’s leading countries in laser technology with a fully self-sustainable ecosystem that provides lasers to CERN, NASA, and more than 90 of the world’s top 100 universities. For Altechna, global expansion is a natural next step. We expect significantly faster growth in laser solutions for semiconductors and medicine.
Antanas Laurutis

Since 1991, Alpine Research Optics has specialized in high-quality UV laser optics, gaining customer recognition for technical quality, and becoming one of the best precision optical manufacturing companies in the United States. Operating from a modern 35,000-square-foot facility, ARO excels in laser optic fabrication and coatings. Its product range includes windows, lenses, mirrors, polarizers, beam splitters, and filters catering to semiconductors, micromachining, medical instruments, defense, aerospace, and research industries.

As part of the acquisition, Travis Green will remain as the President of ARO, reporting to Altechna – he will continue to support his veteran optics leadership team in the U.S. entity. “Bringing two industry-leading players together, with a combined 60 years in the photonics industry, will benefit the global laser industry. ARO’s strong foothold in durable, long life, high damage threshold coatings on tight tolerance substrates coupled with Altechna’s expertise in designing laser optics and optomechanical assemblies will raise the quality benchmark for worldwide laser companies,” said the longtime owner and President for Alpine Research Optics, Travis Green.

ARO is critical to the long-term growth strategy of Altechna. By combining our durable coatings expertise with Altechna’s technological know-how, we will be able to offer tailored technological solutions at competitive prices for local and international businesses seeking flexibility beyond conventional providers.
Ed Yousse
Chief Business Development Officer and General Manager for Altechna’s brand in the U.S.

Altechna Group facts:

  • Production locations in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Boulder, Colorado (US)

  • 6’300 sqm / 68’000 sqft

  • 130 people


  • Form: flats, prisms, spherical, cylindrical

  • Size: from 2 mm to 450 mm

  • Surface roughness: down to <1Å

  • Surface quality: down to S-D 10-5

  • Surface flatness: down to λ/20 PV

  • Angular tolerances: down to <5 arcsec


  • Equipment: 2x IBS, 2x MS, 5x e-beam with IAD, 4x e-beam

  • Wavelength: from 193 nm to 3000 nm

  • Coating types: AR, HR, PR, polarizing, dichroic, filters, phase control, GDD control

  • Coating designs: single band, broad-band, multi-band designs

  • Design optimization for different pulse regimes, repetition rates

  • Focus: high LIDT, low absorption, high durability


  • Optical and optomechanical design

  • Optical bonding

  • Optomechanical assembling

  • Contract manufacturing

  • Development and prototyping


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