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Color Glass Filters

Four color glass filters in red, orange, yellow, and green colors on square and round glass

Color Glass Filters


Schott glass or equivalent

Surface quality, S-D


Surface flatness, P-V

<λ @ 632.8 nm*

*depending on size

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Color glass filters

Color glass filters provide an economical way of filtering light for use in various applications.

Color glass is melted using many colorants with different concentrations to achieve selective absorption in the visible light range. There are several types of optical filters:

  • Longpass – transmits only long wavelengths
  • Shortpass – transmits only short wavelengths
  • Bandpass – transmits a band of wavelengths, absorbing both longer and shorter wavelengths


Altechna offers a wide variety of color glass filters, including Schott and Hoya materials, and their equivalents. Custom shapes and dimensions are available on request – contact us for more information.


Schott colored glass filter groups:

  • BG: Blue, blue-green, and multi-band glasses
  • GG: IR transmitting (colorless to yellow)
  • KG: high transmission in the visible and effective absorption in the IR (colorless glasses)
  • OG: IR transmitting (orange)
  • RG: IR transmitting (red and black)
  • UG: UV transmitting (black and blue)
  • VG: Green glass
  • N-WG: different cutoffs in the UV spectrum, transmitting in the visible range and the IR (colorless)

Hoya colored glass filter groups:

  • B: blue filters
  • L: sharp cut filters (colorless)
  • Y: sharp cut filters (yellow)
  • O: sharp cut filters (orange)
  • R-6: sharp cut filters (red)
  • R-7; IR; RM: IR transmitting (red and black)
  • RT: IR bandpass filters (black)
  • G: green filters
  • LA: light balancing filters (amber)
  • LB: light balancing filters (blue)
  • AC: contrast filters
  • U: UV transmitting visible absorbing filters
  • HA: heat absorbing filters
  • HY: multiband calibration filter (holmium)
  • V: multiband calibration filter (didymium)
  • M: color compensating filters (magenta)
  • C: color compensating filters (cyan)

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