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Vertically Adjustable Mirror Mount

Vertically Adjustable Mirror Mount

Mechanical angular range

± 4°

Fine screw thread

100 TPI


10 mrad/rev

Pointing stability

<2 µrad*

Tilt range

± 4°


220 g


Stainless steel, brass**

*After thermal cycling

** Possibility to change main frame material 

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Vertically Adjustable Mirror Mount VSD2 – 254

Our newest addition to the industrial-mount range: vertically adjustable mirror.

Designed and manufactured at Altechna, this item truly encapsulates our vision for an industry-leading product. It comprises carefully selected highest-grade materials combined into an ultra-stable, compact, oil-free and vacuum-compatible mirror mount, with the added benefit of easy and fast mounting for optics using ZeroDef flexure rings.

One of the key features of this product is that the mount angles can be adjusted from the top. This provides the opportunity to use limited system space with higher efficiency and enables easier access to the mount’s adjustment. For even more convenience, our product was also designed so that the x and y axes move independently of one another when being adjusted.

The product’s ease of use is coupled with superb thermal and environmental stability. All our mounts are tested in-house via thermal cycling and show the best-in-market x- and y-axis beam stability with the smallest amplitude of beam movement.

All of this has been achieved thanks to our years of experience working with industry leaders and basing our designs on the principles of reliability, stability and longevity.



  • Oil-free, cleanroom compatible
  • Vacuum-ready*
  • No outgassing materials
  • Separate X, Y axis control
  • Ultra-stable under thermal exposure
  • Fast and easy, distortion-free optics mounting via ZeroDef flexure ring


*Extra preparation is needed for vacuum-use, please notify us during purchase.



Feel free to reach out to us for more information or any inquiries you may have at: [email protected]. We’re here to assist you!

Typical Items for Vertically Adjustable Mirror Mount

Optics size Optics thickness, mm* Dimensions, (H x W x L), mm Product ID Drawings
Ø12.7 6.35 55.8 x 37 x 28 VSD-127-06-SS
Ø25.4 6.35 59.4 x 50 x 28.8 VSD-254-06-SS

* Custom mount configurations are available on request. The recommended thickness of optics tolerance is +0.15/-0.15 mm.

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