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Achromatic Lenses

Two thick achromatic lenses in metal casing

Achromatic Lenses


All type of material are available to design the optimal achromats


3 – 200 mm

Surface quality, S-D

40-20, 60-40*

Surface irregularity, P-V

<λ/4 @ 632.8 nm*

Focal length tolerance


Centration error

<3 arcmin

AR coatings

On request

*depending on size and material

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Achromatic lenses

Cemented achromatic doublet lenses are optimized to provide excellent chromatic and spherical aberration-free performance. An optimized composition of two lenses in which one is made of dense flint and the other of crown glass, ensures a much smaller focus than singlet spherical lenses because of minimized longitudinal and transverse spherical aberrations. They also feature a nearly constant focal length across a wide range of wavelengths.

Standard achromatic doublet lenses cover two ranges – the visible (400 – 700 nm) and near-infrared (700 – 1050 nm). Single-line, dual-line and broadband configurations different from standard ones are also available.

  • Used in applications to reduce beam distortion
  • Other dimensions are available in small and mass-production quantities

If you do not have the designs or drawings for the required achromatic lenses, Altechna engineers can help you to make some. Feel free to reach out to us for drawings and Zemax files, information or any inquiries you may have at: [email protected]. We’re here to assist you!


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