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Cr⁴⁺:YAG Crystals

Three Cr4:YAG laser crystals in brown color in cuboid and cylindrical shapes

Cr⁴⁺:YAG Crystals

Wavelength range

800 – 1200 nm

Aperture dimensions

Ø1 – 12 mm

Orientation accuracy of cut angle

<30 arcmin

Surface quality, S-D


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/8 @ 632.8 nm

Initial transmission @ 1064 nm

10 – 95%

AR Coatings

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Cr4+:YAG – Passive Q-Switch crystals

Cr⁴⁺:YAG (chromium-doped ytterbium aluminum garnet) crystals are excellent passive Q-switch crystals for Nd and Yb-doped lasers. Passive Q-switches or saturable absorbers provide high-power laser pulses without electro-optic Q-switches, thus reducing the package size and eliminating a high-voltage power supply.

Cr⁴⁺:YAG provides chemically stable, durable, UV-resistant crystals with good thermal conductivity and a high damage threshold (>500 MW/cm²). Its absorption band extends from 800 nm to 1200 nm and peaks at around 1060nm, with a very large absorption cross-section.

Apart from Cr⁴⁺:YAG, Altechna also offers a wide range of solid-state saturable absorbers, such as Co:MALO and V³⁺:YAG ones. All these crystals can be made in line with your needs. Contact us for further information.


Typical Items for Cr4+:YAG Crystals

Initial transmission @ 1064 nm Coatings, nm Dimensions, mm Product ID
T₀=30% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-30-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-30-55
T₀=40% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-40-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-40-55
T₀=50% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-50-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-50-55
T₀=60% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-60-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-60-55
T₀=70% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-70-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-70-55
T₀=80% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-80-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-80-55
T₀=85% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-85-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-85-55
T₀=90% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-90-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-90-55
T₀=95% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-95-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-95-55
T₀=97% AR/AR @ 1064 Ø5 3-CRYAG-97-05
5x5 3-CRYAG-97-55

                                  MEASURED LIDT VALUES

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