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Fixed Ratio Beam Expanders

One fixed ratio beam expander in gray casing made by Altechna

Fixed Ratio Beam Expanders

Available wavelength range

266 – 1064 nm

Typical expansions

From 1.1x to 5x

Lens material


Transmitted wavefront distortion, P-V

<λ/4 @ 632.8 nm

Overall transmission


Mounting thread



>10 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz

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Fixed Ratio Beam Expanders

Fixed ratio beam expander is a device dedicated to increase the diameter of a laser beam.

Altechna’s beam expanders are assembled using one diverging and one converging lens. As there is no focal point inside of the beam expander, it can be used with high power laser sources. Special treatment of lenses and mechanics is performed for UV application to improve lifetime and LIDT of the expander. Standard magnifications are from 1.1x to 5x. Beam expanders for any wavelengths between 266 – 1064 nm are available upon request.


  • Custom magnification and design on request
  • Extended lifetime and LIDT for UV applications
  • Individual reports of beam ellipticity, M2, and pointing stability parameters
  • Custom wavelengths are available in the range of 266-1064 nm

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Typical Items for Fixed Ratio Beam Expanders

Expansion Max input beam
diameter*, mm
Housing dimensions,
Product ID Drawings
343-355 1.2x 10 Ø30 x 56.6 FBE-1.2X-0343-0355
1.5x 8.5 Ø30 x 55.7 FBE-1.5X-0343-0355
2x 5 Ø30 x 58.1 FBE-2X-0343-0355
2.5x 5 Ø30 x 79.4 FBE-2.5X-0343-0355
3x 5 Ø30 x 56.6 FBE-3X-0343-0355
4x 4 Ø30 x 80.1 FBE-4X-0343-0355
5x 3 Ø30 x 85.1 FBE-5X-0343-0355
515-532 1.2x 10 Ø30 x 58.2 FBE-1.2X-0515-0532
1.5x 9 Ø30 x 57.3 FBE-1.5X-0515-0532
2x 6 Ø30 x 59.6 FBE-2X-0515-0532
2.5x 6 Ø30 x 78.8 FBE-2.5X-0515-0532
3x 4.5 Ø30 x 58.2 FBE-3X-0515-0532
4x 4 Ø30 x 81.7 FBE-4X-0515-0532
5x 3 Ø30 x 87.6 FBE-5X-0515-0532
1030-1064 1.2x 10 Ø30 x 59.4 FBE-1.2X-1030-1064
1.5x 10 Ø30 x 58.4 FBE-1.5X-1030-1064
2x 6 Ø30 x 60.8 FBE-2X-1030-1064
2.5x 6 Ø30 x 80.6 FBE-2.5X-1030-1064
3x 5 Ø30 x 59.4 FBE-3X-1030-1064
4x 4.5 Ø30 x 82.9 FBE-4X-1030-1064
5x 3.5 Ø30 x 87.5 FBE-5X-1030-1064

* Max input beam diameter at 1/e2 intensity level ensuring diffraction limited performance.

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