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About us

Welcome to Altechna, a Lithuania-based custom laser optics company with worldwide customers. Here, we work tirelessly to organize, produce, measure and ship all the custom-tailored laser optics needed to you, the customer. At Altechna, we have spent more than 20 years creating and developing complex technological solutions and custom designs for laser optics and related accessories.

“We’re here to help you overcome your challenges in building that perfect laser system, be it a tabletop laser or a massive laser welding system.

Here at Altechna, our focus is on listening to and understanding your requirements, selecting the best methods for producing quality laser optics, and shipping them in a timely manner. Employing more than 100 highly competent professionals, we have accumulated all the necessary know-how to evaluate and complete every order with attention to the finest details.

Our business is built on a four-pillar strategy that focuses on sales, the supply chain, coatings and people. Each of these is fine-tuned for the two most important focuses: our customers and employees. It is our firm belief that our customers, as well as our employees, set the highest standards for themselves and those around them. We are committed to aiming for the best and working with the best: we’re happy to be able to serve some of the biggest names in the laser industry and employ only outstanding people.

If you consider yourself to be the best, you’ve come to the right place!