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Industry (OEM)

Serving most sophisticated needs of companies leading
in laser manufacturing and integration

Altechna is a well-known Lithuanian high-energy/power laser optics manufacturer that has amassed decades of experience in the international market. Our customized solutions are transformed into standard solutions for leading industrial laser manufacturers.

We apply decades of experience and internal know-how in fulfilling our partners’ most sophisticated needs, leading in laser manufacturing and integration.


General industrial business advantages:

  • Coating and assembling facilities equipped with an ISO-certified cleanroom
  • >1 million optical parts and sub-assemblies delivered to customers to date
  • <1% RMA rate
  • 3 different thin film deposition technologies under one roof equipped with magnetron sputtering, ion beam sputtering and e-beam + IAD coating technologies, covering a wide
    range of customer needs.
  • 6-to-24-month blanket order availability, same-day shipment options
  • Stock management, safety stock option, and flexible adjustment to customer forecasts
  • On-time or just-in-time delivery performance
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • High repeatability – Copy Exactly!
  • Customer-tailored metrology measurements and certification for high-quality evaluation
  • A well-recognized brand name in the photonics market, as a trusted company with decades
    of experience in the field
  • Experience in optical and optomechanical assemblies
  • A professional team, with most staff having a degree in physics, and capable of consulting
    and providing technical support
1064/532/355 nm laser line high LIDT custom optical components for material processing applications.
1030/515/343 nm laser line high LIDT, low GDD custom optical components for laser source manufacturing and integration purposes. (check whitepapers below)
Low absorption (<1 ppm AR @ 1064 nm, <10 ppm HR @ 1064 nm) optical components (mirrors, protective windows, end caps, etc.) for CW applications with high average power (up to 100 kW). (check whitepapers below)
Large dimension, high LIDT optical components geared towards additive manufacturing
(3D printing) systems.
High LIDT 2 µm laser line custom optical components for a wide range of industrial applications.
Optical components for advanced 1.5 µm industrial applications.
Novel surface treatment and other methods for quality and LIDT improvement.
Internal investment and constant cooperation with customers on R&D activities for further growth and innovation in the market.

Curious to find out more? Contact us directly.

Marius Gželka, MSc Americas and Asia-Pacific Team Lead [email protected]
Emantas Tamulaitis, MSc Head of Sales (Europe/Asia) [email protected]
Mantas Kulnickas Key Account Manager [email protected]
Ignas Pikas Sales Engineer [email protected]
Juozas Jakutis Sales Engineer [email protected]

Markets we serve

Altechna‘s wide variety of optical offerings allows us to provide the best solutions for our customers in multiple markets.