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Combining various coating technologies with deep
knowledge in laser-accessory manufacturing

At Altechna, we combine a variety of coating technologies (including ion beam and magnetron sputtering, and electron-beam evaporation w/ or w/o ion-assistance) with deep knowledge in laser-accessory manufacturing to provide customer-tailored solutions for the semiconductor and display laser processing applications.

We focus on various types of optical components at a wavelength range of 213 to 2000 nm required for laser beam delivery, from low-absorption AR coated elements for high power lasers to custom-shaped optics with complex coatings.

Typical laser accessories include motorized, as well as manual beam expanders, and high-precision attenuators for Nd and Yb doped laser harmonics. In addition to already developed laser optics and accessories, our skilled engineers are open to custom challenges brought by customers.

High LIDT Optics (check below)
  • 19.60 J/cm² @ 355 nm, 5.2 ns, 100 Hz, AR coatings
  • 0.65 J/cm² @ 343 nm, 1 ps, 200 kHZ, HR coatings
  • 0.052 J/cm² @ 343 nm, 190.6 fs, 50 kHz, WS coatings
Long lifetime of UV optics (>1 year)
UV Mirrors (check whitepaper below)
Low absorption (<1 ppm AR, <10 ppm HR @ 1064 nm) optics for high power (CW up to 100 kW) applications (check whitepaper below)
Specialty high purity and durability glass options for UV and IR applications
Mass production capabilities, leading to low prices (up to 500 pieces of 1“ substrates per single
coating run)
Excellent surface flatness (λ/10 @ 632.8 nm or better), ensuring a high quality reflected beam
Copy Exactly! or customer-defined method of ensuring repeatability of optics
Large dimension optics (up to Ø270 mm)
Cleanroom facilities with ISO5 certification
A wide variety of laser beam delivery product groups (mirrors, lenses, polarizers, beamsplitters, cubes, waveplates, prisms and others)

Curious to find out more? Contact us directly.

Marius Gželka Head of Sales Department (Americas) [email protected]
Mantas Kulnickas Key Account Manager [email protected]
Ignas Pikas Sales Engineer [email protected]
Steve Zhang Regional Sales Manager [email protected]

Markets we serve

Altechna‘s wide variety of optical offerings allows us to provide the best solutions for our customers in multiple markets.